Thursday, December 30, 2010

Moving into a New Year

Theres always so much opportunity for change and growth when you feel like your getting a fresh start. Theres so much to do with in the next day before the new years... as well as there is much to think about for the new year that will begin in less than 72 hours now.

2010 was indefinitely a huge pivoting year for me. I changed a lot and got into a lot of habits (some of which i regret, and others that i am thankful for.) and i even managed to break a lot of promises. Transitioning into the New Year i am ready to turn my full attention towards my career and goals and spend less time frolicking with my personal life. With out a doubt i met a lot of wonderful people who have become my friendship - backbone whether they realize it or not. Sad part is, i had to be single to gain an army of friends, something that still perplexes me. Oh well what can you do?

If i had to categorize 2010 id say it would definitely fall into the "it was a good year" category. I learned a lot and experienced a lot on my own. My independence and rebellious nature definitely seeped through the cracks into a huge puddle. In early June for 2 weeks straight i did nothing but smoke cigs (i also had my first with other herbs), and drink enough for a herd of camels. After getting over my break up, i became overly obsessed about my appearance resulting in my 16lbs loss in 6 months. I worked hard and persevered through. I thank P90x, and friends and family for support and motivation during my anal ways and rigorous schedule's. I am definitely not done getting into shape and shedding more pounds as we move into the new years. No way, actually my goal for 2011 is to loose another 10lbs, i think 5'6'' 130lbs would be ideal no? who knows either way, this wasn't a temporary switch for me, this was definitely a life style change that will carry on with me for the rest of my life. With the working out my whole diet even changed. I am sure you can see from my past posts (under) that healthy eating is a huge deal. Food being my worst enemy is starting to be a friend to me again and i am thankful for my mental change. I went from shopping at food lion (ew) to places like whole foods. My eating out habits went from full force to 0%. I cook at home for the most part, but i still have to get my Starbucks non fat cafe latte fix time to time.

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