Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Years

I went to see a guy for new years. Rocky as our relationship was i decided to give him the benifit of the doubt. This is something you do when your a "nice person" Well thanks to this trip i doubt i am a nice person anymore. My heart goes out to ladies that have ever been struck before by a man who has no right to. My weekend ended short. As i walked through the darkness stumbling along with my luggage, sick to my stomach, praying id make it to the corner gas station with out being stabbed or raped, i thought to myself when was it the last time i did something that made me happy. I gathered my strength made it to the airport, and hopped on the next flight home. I have the strength in me to make my self happy, and i dont need anyone else in my life anymore. Im done with it. Over it im tired of people lying to me, hurting me, not understanding me. Im not normal, far from it. I walked away from someone really important to make others happy and for the first time last night i realized that maybe its too late for me to speak up now... maybe its to late to fix it, its too late... and its not fair to a beautiful flawless person like him to have someone so fucked in the head like me. I feel completely worthless. So thanks... signing off today, im back on a mental frenzy to loose more weight and accomplish my crazy goals.... no ones going to get in my way... fuck everyone who hurts people because they themselves are hurt... yes that mean fuck me too... i really hate myself

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Moving into a New Year

Theres always so much opportunity for change and growth when you feel like your getting a fresh start. Theres so much to do with in the next day before the new years... as well as there is much to think about for the new year that will begin in less than 72 hours now.

2010 was indefinitely a huge pivoting year for me. I changed a lot and got into a lot of habits (some of which i regret, and others that i am thankful for.) and i even managed to break a lot of promises. Transitioning into the New Year i am ready to turn my full attention towards my career and goals and spend less time frolicking with my personal life. With out a doubt i met a lot of wonderful people who have become my friendship - backbone whether they realize it or not. Sad part is, i had to be single to gain an army of friends, something that still perplexes me. Oh well what can you do?

If i had to categorize 2010 id say it would definitely fall into the "it was a good year" category. I learned a lot and experienced a lot on my own. My independence and rebellious nature definitely seeped through the cracks into a huge puddle. In early June for 2 weeks straight i did nothing but smoke cigs (i also had my first with other herbs), and drink enough for a herd of camels. After getting over my break up, i became overly obsessed about my appearance resulting in my 16lbs loss in 6 months. I worked hard and persevered through. I thank P90x, and friends and family for support and motivation during my anal ways and rigorous schedule's. I am definitely not done getting into shape and shedding more pounds as we move into the new years. No way, actually my goal for 2011 is to loose another 10lbs, i think 5'6'' 130lbs would be ideal no? who knows either way, this wasn't a temporary switch for me, this was definitely a life style change that will carry on with me for the rest of my life. With the working out my whole diet even changed. I am sure you can see from my past posts (under) that healthy eating is a huge deal. Food being my worst enemy is starting to be a friend to me again and i am thankful for my mental change. I went from shopping at food lion (ew) to places like whole foods. My eating out habits went from full force to 0%. I cook at home for the most part, but i still have to get my Starbucks non fat cafe latte fix time to time.

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Friday, September 17, 2010

September 17, 2010

Its friday Morning and i have no classes today YAY!
This morning i made a spinach, mushroom, green and red pepper omelet... with a side of bananas almonds and raspberries :)

I went to the gym today ran 2 miles, and did some weights for legs and benched a bit.

veggie pizza with chicken, tomatoes, mushrooms, corn, spinach, basil and mozzarella :) ill be sure to post a picture haha

enjoy!! :)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

September 16, 2010

I haven't been getting adequate sleep lately. For the past two nights i havent been able to put my mind to ease. Anyways im ready to work out this morning and get my non sleeping streak frustration out! Todays work out plan:

Legs and Back (a.m.)
Cardio (p.m.)

I know i should ALWAYS do cardio before weights or strength training but i dont feel like im cut out for another round of cardio today. Actually i might even wait till tomorrow morning to do my cardio at the VCU gym. Well, its almost 9 a.m. and that means i have to start hustling!! :)

Breakfast before work out:
Cup of Joe... HERE WE GOOOOO!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

September 15, 2010

1egg, 2 whites scramble them and add milk (1%) whisk

-Fresh mushrooms + red & green peppers sauteed in olive oil and dash of salt to get the water out of the shrooms. Once the mushrooms are soft and breakable set aside.

- make omelet use the same pan

-swiss cheese (2%)
- sautéed mix mushroom and peppers
- spinach
- chives

cook as desired & enjoy with a good cup of joe!

Work Out:
-1-2mile jog... or about 20 min of jogging at 5-5.5 pace
- shoulders and arms (p90x)
* if you dont have p90x or dont want to do p90x you can just work out your upper body at the gym for an hour, same thing i suppose!

Snack/ Post work out:
1 scoop of whey protein in water & multi vitamin (i take opti-woman)

For Dinner/ Lunch I had:
Rosemary BBQ chicken with spinach carrot and tomato salad all hit with a dash of lime

1piece of my home made peanut butter brownies (8x8 pan makes 16 pieces) 1 piece is 110 calories

Please be sure to drink at least 64oz of water a day!! :)

Who Am I?

Who Ami? Who Am i?

Well, let me introduce myself. My name is Ami Patel. I'm a Senior at VCU looking to get my CPA in the next two years. Currently I am unemployed, single, and more motivated than ever to get myself together for the next 10 years of life to come. I'm a whopping twenty-three years old (almost) which seems way to close to half way to 50 if you ask me!

I guess if someone where to ask me, "hey Ami, why do you blog?" I would reply,"Well because i have no life," haha im joking. I blog because it is a self motivational thing to keep yourself in check and to express your self. We all have struggles weather it be education, diet, relationships, wealth, etc.

For the most part the purpose of my blog is to log my eating and working out habits. Pretty much ill just post a daily log of what i ate and how much and what exactly i did as far as work outs.

Alright well thank you for tuning in and enjoy!! Hopefully i can motivate or inspire someone :)